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such as YEC talks, or to get in touch with the field of entrepreneurship can join the group. Once again sponsors and warm supporters of the event are the photocopying center Imia , the Cretan Orchard , the cafe Iliotropio and of course the Dei College , which will host the event. Communication sponsor: first YEC Talk of the new year in Thessaloniki is a fact.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Club team returns stronger and renewed on Friday, Febru Bhutan Email List ary 7th at a new venue, which is none other than Dei College. We are counting down for App! Through your mobile phone, you will be able to quickly and easily search for the job you want! Create your profile Send your resume immediately Save your favorite companies and receive notifications Set job alert Upload a 10'' video and introduce yourself very quicklyOut-of-the-Box Challenge: Student Imagination and Critica

In these problems memorization cannot help. The content of the puzzles is drawn from a wide range of cognitive areas (from Mathematics and Physics to Philosophy) and requires children to generate original ideas individually and in groups. The 3 phases of the competition are as follows: Phase 1 (February 22, 2020): Students will come to examination centers throughout Greece and will be asked to answer logic and imagination problems.


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