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Facebook page in 2018step by step so that you have no doubts. Recently, Facebook has reduced theorganic reach of the Fanpages and that can make you doubt when it comes to   BelgiumPhone Number List  whether you need tocreate a Facebook page for your business . But if you want to advertise onFacebook, you have to have a Fanpage so you must learn to create and manage itprofessionally.A Fanpage is a type of page so that companies can have apresence within this social network. In short, it is the communication channelthat Facebook makes available to companies in order to establish a relationshipwith their brand's fans.If you doubt if you have to create a   BelgiumPhone Number List  profile on Facebook ora company page, I will tell you what the main differences .If you are stilldoubting whether or not your business should have a presence in this socialnetwork, I am going to tell you the main reasons why I would consider thissocial network in my Social Media Plan.

It is essential to have a personal profile onFacebook to be able to create a Fan page, so if you don't have it yet, in thisvideo you can see.Once inside our profile we will have two options to createthe Facebook page . In the lower left we have an option that says"Create" and there we can select "page". Or in thedrop-down on the   Belgium Phone Number List  right side we will click and select "createpage"The next step will be to choose the type of Facebook page that bestsuits your business or brand.Depending on the type you select later, you willhave enabled a Belgium Phone Number List series of options or others that we will seelater.If you have any questions when it comes to telling you by name,on thispage you can find the different page names that are allowed on Facebook.Ofcourse, you should know that the maximum number of characters allowed is 75.Nowwe will have to select the profile and cover image.It is very important thatyou choose quality photos that are not pixelated and that convey the brandimage of your business or your value proposition.

Also, Facebook Fan pages with cover images havemore likes and more interactions.It is like your showcase, so do not miss thisopportunity and select a good image.Of course, you do not have to select thedifferent images, then you can also do it and you will also have morecustomization options.If you have more questions about the measurements of theimages you can consult this article with the measurements of the images onFacebook .The next step will be to   Belgium Phone Number List  configure the Facebook page and fill in allthe missing fields to fill in.To do this, the first thing we will do is accessour Facebook page manager. We click on the drop-down in the upper right areaand several of the Facebook pages that we manage will appear. If not all ofthem appear, we can select "See more" or "Manage pages"Weselect the one we want to   Belgium Phone Number List  configure and we will click on information andedit information. customize fanpage Depending on the type of page you haveselected at the beginning, some options or others will appear.If you want tochange the category of your company page on Facebook, you must select generaland write the one that best suits your brand.


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